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Privacy Spray

Clear the air in more ways than one with PotAway. This compact take along spray protects the air around you with just a few spritzes. With zero fragrance or added chemicals, it takes the unique combination of water, minerals, and electricity to produce a naturally created substance by the white blood cells in mammals called hypochlorous. This natural ingredient not only neutralizes foul odours such as lingering smoke or food, but it also inactivates microbes including viruses, bacteria, and molds to keep you safe wherever you go. You can even spray it in your mouth to freshen your breath in a pinch!  Be confident at work in both health and freshness with a simple spray of PotAway to freshen the air fast, killing germs and odours in just one pump!

    • Handy take-along small size
    • Destroys airborne microbes including viruses and bacteria
    • Removes odours from smoking, animals, and food
    • Freshens up clothing and kills pathogens
    • No chemicals or fragrances
    • Absolutely safe for children, animals, and those with allergies or asthma