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Privacy Spray

Smells leave a lasting impression which can either be favourable or unfavourable. Don’t take the chance of smelling like smoke of any kind or leaving a foul odour in your wake wherever you go. Instead, take PotAway Privacy Spray along. Discreet enough to fit in your pocket, you can clear the air with just a few spritzes. Freshen up your gym bag or shoes while on the go, erase odours after using the office bathroom, or the faint memory of lunch at your desk. You can even spray it in your mouth to freshen your breath in a pinch! This small-sized option is all about clearing the air fast and easy without chemicals or fragrance, and without anyone being the wiser!  

    • Handy take-along small size
    • Completely discreet
    • Removes odours from smoking, animals, and food
    • Freshens up clothing
    • No chemicals or fragrances
    • Absolutely safe for children, animals, and those with allergies or asthma